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Abstract submission is open now.

Authors submitting papers to the PMP-2019 Conference are required to submit a one-page extended abstract beginning September 10, 2018 and no later than January 31, 2019 17:00 IST (11:30 AM GMT). The Microsoft word (DOC) file and PDF version of extended abstract have to be emailed at pmp2019abstract@gmail.com

Instruction for Authors to Prepare One-Page Extended Abstract

1. General Information : One page extended abstract should be prepared for A4 size paper (21cm x 29.7cm) with single-spacing and 2.5cm margins on all the sides. The font should be "Times New Roman" throughout. All text, title, authors, addresses, abstract, references, tables, figures, and photographs should fit to one page.
2. Topic and Preference inclusion : The Presentation Preference (Plenary/Oral/Poster) should be included at the top right corner, one line above the title of the abstract (within the 2.5 cm top margin).
3. Title, Author(s) name and affiliation : The title should be written in 12 pt bold capital letters and centered at the top of the page. The authors' names, complete organizational affiliations, mailing addresses, and E-mail addresses should be in 11 pt font size, one line (11pt) below the title.
4. Brief Abstract : The abstract of about 50 words should be placed one line (11pt) below the last E-mail address and should be set in 10 pt font. The text of the abstract should follow "Abstract:" (in bold) in the same line.
5. Main Text : The main text should start two lines below the abstract and be written in a two-column format with 8 mm spacing between columns using 10 pt fonts. Indent each paragraph by 3.5mm. Each major section should begin with a heading in bold capital letters centered within a column and numbered using Arabic numerals except for ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and REFERENCES.
6. References : When quoting a reference in the text, place the reference numbers within square brackets. The reference list should be placed in the last section.
7. Acknowledgement : An acknowledgment can be added as an un-numbered section before the reference section.
8. Figure(s) and Table(s) : Author(s) may use color traces in graphical data or color photographs. All color traces in graphical data/photograph will be available only in the soft copy of the proceeding. All the colored artwork will appear black and white in the printed version of the proceedings/conference program.
A template for the one-page Summary Submission in PDF format and in MS Word format can be downloaded here.

Download Template in PDF or MS Word Format.

Contact Person:

Dr. Dinesh Tripathi
Dr. Himanshu Pandey
Email: pmp2019paper@gmail.com
Mob: +91-9911933397


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